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American Kenpo is a martial art characterized by the use of quick hand strikes in rapid succession. The multitude of fast strikes has a dual purpose, perhaps overwhelming an opponent, while attempting to ensure that at least some strikes effectively hit their target, akin to a striking combination.
Originally codified by Ed Parker, American Kenpo is largely viewed and marketed as a self-defense system. Parker made significant modifications to the art throughout his life, introducing or changing principles, theories, and concepts of motion, as well as terminology. He left behind a large number of instructors who teach many different versions of American Kenpo, as Parker died before he named a single successor to his art.

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American Kenpo emphasizes fast hand techniques used in rapid succession. Kicks are less common, and usually directed at the lower body because high kicks are slower to execute and potentially compromise the practitioner's balance.
Physically, American Kenpo develops strength, speed, balance, and stamina.
Although each American Kenpo school will differ somewhat, some common elements are:
- Basic Principles, concepts and theories such as "Marriage of Gravity" settling one's body weight in order to increase striking force, and many others out lined in his Infinite Insights Books.

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