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Chun Kuk Do is a Korean-based, American hybrid martial art style. Founded in 1990 by Chuck Norris, CKD evolved from Tang Soo Do and combines elements from several different fighting styles. "Chun Kuk Do" is Korean and is loosely translated as "The Universal Way." Norris trained in various other styles under some of the most respected instructors in the United States. These instructors included Tang Soo Do instructor Shin Jae Chul, Shotokan Karate masters Tsutomu Ohshima and Hidetaka Nishiyama, Shito-ryu Karate instructor Fumio Demura, American Kenpo Karate founder Ed Parker, Judo expert Gene LeBell, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legends the Machado family.
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Like most traditional martial arts, Chun Kuk Do includes the practice of forms (Korean hyung and Japanese kata). The majority of the system’s forms are taken from Shotokan, but also includes two organization-specific introductory forms, two organization-specific empty-hand forms, and one organization-specific weapon form (UFAF Bo Form).
• Giecho Hyung Il Bu (similar to Taikyoku from which it is derived)
• Giecho Hyung Il Bu Sang Gup (an organization-specific introductory form)
• Giecho Hyung Yi Bu

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