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The art of struggle has a long history. The fight has become popular in different cultures as the ' Ancient Egypt , the ' Ancient Greece , the ' Ancient Rome , India and China. Archaeological finds show fight scenes with submission that go back to the period of the ancient Egyptian empire, while in ancient Greece the discipline of the struggle involved the submission win.
Over the centuries many styles of grappling have been developed, such as the Catch wrestling in the eighteenth century in Lancashire, or the Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the 20s of XX century in Brazil. They can be considered the parents more direct grappling. The catch wrestling was very popular in the US during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

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The Grappling is a way of struggle in which the aim is to bring the opponent to the ground and force him to surrender with a technical submission (chokes, joint locks or painful pressure). Submissions are techniques that put the opponent in a dangerous position for his physical safety forcing him to admit, through a signal verbal or physical (beating with the hand or foot on the opponent's body or on the carpet), which can not shake off without injury (and thereby recognizing the defeat). You can also win a fight gaining more technical points (bringing the opponent to the ground or in ground combat, tilting or gaining a dominant position on him).
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