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Jim Wagner's proven modern self-defense system Reality-Based Personal Protection has been used by elite police and military teams worldwide for over a decade. Self-defense instructors from all the world's martial arts systems come to Jim's system to fill in the gaps of their own training. However, if you're not a Special Forces operator, SWAT Team member, or a black blet, don't let that intimidate you. You've already seen for yourself on YouTube how easy the system is to learn. This civilian version is exactly what you need to protect yourself and loved ones against today's crime and terrorism. No previous martial arts training is required, and every technique can be mastered in just five minutes. After that it's up to you to practice it to make it "muscle memory." If you go through this website and see who Jim Wagner has trained, you will know that we are not joking. We can transform you, giving you the skills and confidence you need. Really.


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