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Model Mugging is a form of self-defense training that uses padded trainers or Model Muggers to simulate assaults. It was founded by Matt Thomas, co-author of the book Defend Yourself!: Every Woman's Guide to Safeguarding Her Life. Its inspiration was the 1971 rape and beating of a karate black belt. Model Mugging was originally a self-defense program designed for the specific needs of women. Women learn how to protect themselves from a single unarmed assailant (basic self-defense course), armed assailants, and multiple assailants. Others involved in the early development of Model Mugging include Danielle Smith, Julio Toribio, Sheryl Doran and Mark Morrison.
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Model mugging training involves students role-playing and sometimes fighting through a variety of assault scenarios. Students are taught physical defenses, methods of avoiding or defusing potential assaults, verbal defenses, and decision-making under the pressure of such situations.
During the simulated assaults, heavily padded instructors, often referred to as muggers, accost, grab, or directly attack a student, who may respond (if they believe a physical response is appropriate for the situation) with full-force attacks to the padded instructor.

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