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Progressive Fighting System (PFS) is a combat system created by Paul Vunak and based on Jeet Kune Do.
The PFS is considered a very effective system in fighting road, with the importance given to the heads , knees , elbows and the trapping . These techniques form the basis of what is the RAT program , the combat system taught to American special forces, developed their own with the help of Vunak. Vunak has always maintained that it does not teach JKD superior techniques, but develops a combat effective and superior attributes. There are superior techniques in martial arts, but training methods above. And according to what it claims Vunak, techniques of JKD are taken from other martial arts.

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The objective is to use a technique for the shortest possible time, until the flow rate or the situation does not change, requiring another technique, possibly of another martial art. This also applies to the techniques developed by its Vunak, as the straight blast pulled in fast forward (to overwhelm the opponent) and techniques headbutt , to be used only and exclusively when the situation permits. A peculiar characteristic of the PFS is also the use of protection during heavy training for what are called crash tests or tests of aggression in full contact.
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