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Red Warrior, also known as Tushka-homa, is a martial art created by Choctaw Adrian Roman.This system of fighting is a reconstruction of how Native American peoples are thought to have fought prior to the 1800s. Adrian Roman explored and documented the different types of weapons that were unique to the American Indian tribes of that era and theory of their application; however, there is a decent amount of controversy as to how “authentic” this fighting style is, as it is unclear how much of the martial art is truly derived from Native American techniques and sources.

The aforementioned principles are also steps that must be followed, and they must be done in a flowing fashion, one moving seamlessly into the other. As the opponent thrusts his knife with his right hand, you zone to your left into a strong stance a solid base parallel to and outside of his line of thrust. Simultaneously, you use your left hand to contact and then grab, or intercept, the knife hand at the wrist/hand juncture, with your left elbow anchored at your side.


Tushkahoma Powwow 2012- Women's Cloth


Tushkahoma Powwow 2011- Women's Southern Cloth


Tushkahoma Powwow 2012- Women's Fancy Shawl


Tushkahoma Powwow 2012- Women's Jingle


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...soon online!!!

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