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Jay primarily studied Danzan-ryu jujutsu under Seishiro Okazaki (also known as Henry S. Okazaki) in Hawaii. He was awarded a Certificate of Mastery from Okazaki on 1948-02-22. Previously he had studied boxing, judo and jujutsu. As Wally Jay gained knowledge and experience in the martial arts, his perspective on how traditional techniques could be improved was heightened. Ultimately, it was during his two years of training under the Hawaiian Judo Champion, Ken Kawachi, which gave him the principles he needed to formulate his system of Small Circle JuJitsu. Kawachi had stressed wrist action to gain superior leverage against an opponent.
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Small circle jujitsu techniques are smooth and functional because of the integration of the flow, in which interchangeable techniques are used to counterattack. The flow emphasises the smooth transition between various locks and throws in order to remove any "hard stops". It allows a practitioner to seamlessly transition between techniques and makes counter-measures against opponents quicker and smoother.
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