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Boxeo Marcial or Argentine martial boxing is a comprehensive martial art, which originated in Argentina. It is called "comprehensive" because their training is usually performed in a real sense, that is, keeping mostly to high-risk situations, unexpected conflicts, street fights, all subject to the level of modern times. The combat system attack-defense is greatly influenced by the constant pressure of any conflict, whether armed or not, seeking to overcome fears and anger management.
In the World, known as the martial art Boxing Martial deployment in times modern, looking to them to be flexible and popular. It is practiced in Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Spain. He is not widely spread in the world due to the generation of other similar disciplines in different corners of the same mainly in the twentieth century.


Boxeo Marcial Vs sipalkII Arnaldo y Pablino


boxeo marcial internacional


boxeo marcial internacional (original)


boxeo marcial


Knock Out Julio -Torneo de Boxeo Marcial


Entrenamiento Seleccion Argentina de Boxeo en el CENARD...


...soon online!!!

...soon online!!!

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