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Kombato is the ' martial art military Brazilian , invented by Paulo Albuquerque.
It is an art of fighting that is based on ' self-defense , on techniques of attack and military techniques. The kombato are taught to departments of the Navy , of ' air force and the federal police Brazilian.
It is taught by trained instructors who calibrate the course of the potential and needs of the pupil. The private citizen are taught all those tricks to avoid above all dangerous situations: the basic concept is to move from a situation of danger to security. This does not necessarily entail the need to defeat the enemy, rather the aim to stop the action of aggression and put it in conditions of no harm beyond.

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A second step of Kombato switch from defense to the defense of third parties. In this case the training proceeds in groups and not individually, and defines the roles to play in situations of third persons in danger of assault, kidnapping, life. Roles are generally defined:
- Who contracted with the aggressor the terms of the hostage release
- The clerk at disarmament / block aggressor
- The security guard hostage, that provides for the safety of that country as soon as possible.

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