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The Chilean curved knife was institutionalized as part of the uniform of the Army of Chile, following the war that maintained and won Chile against Peru-Bolivian Confederation in the nineteenth century and brought farmers and Chilean miners when they went to defend their ground, knife in turn, derived from the cutlass that the Spaniards brought with them when they arrived in Chile.

Corvo is an unconventional and for proper (and effective) weapon use should be familiar with it, with their weight, their parts, touch and balance. The corvo not require great strength, dexterity, flexibility or agility to be used effectively. What is important is the strength of the wrist, well judge the extent and able to seize the opportunity. The curved taken as a hammer, with the tip pointing at the feet of the enemy directly and holding hand to hip height. The unarmed hand is held close to the body to counterbalance or used to fintear, forcing the enemy to expose.


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