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The Kollellaullin is a martial art Mapuche (pre-Columbian indigenous people of southern Chile also called Araucanos). Kollellaullin means in Mapudungun (Mapuche language) 'ant waist' or 'ant power' referring to the physical power of this insect capable of carrying far greater than its own weight loads. Another explanation was the state that was the warrior after undergoing this training, muscular torso with broad shoulders and small waist like an ant.

he Kollellaullin consisted of a rigorous training that took place throughout the life of the Mapuche warrior (Cona), shaping it in physical skills, hardening of its     musculature and adapt to their environment in order to transform it into Weichafe, sacred warrior elite within the ancient Mapuche society. You could consider the Kollellaullin as     Japanese budo, as it consisted only in a closed container in a set of physical and intellectual practices system.


Kollellaullin el arte marcial mapuche


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